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Helping to keep Hearts Beating
25 dec

Helping to keep Hearts Beating

The Getler’s (another DMD family) made a challenge through PPMD to match up to 50,000.00 for a heart research study to see if drugs like Viagra in smaller doses can be benficial to the hearts of DMD boys. We matched the 50,000.00 and through PPMD the last number we heard was another 38,000.00 had been raised besides the $100,000.00. We hope this will be a great year for our boys with positive results from the heart studies and other clinical trials currently going on.

We all had a wonderful Christmas. The boys are having a ball with a few new Lego’s, Wii and DS games. Amazing how fast they can put together Lego’s.

At Dinner Dale and Lelia broke a wish bone and Dale wished for ending Duchenne for him. We hope we can all put an end to DMD in 2011.

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Cure Dale's Duchenne

Rick and Lelia Ginder

In April 2008 our lives were changed forever. Our youngest son Dale, who was six at the time, was diagnosed with Duchenne.