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Dale Stays Happy As The DMD Progresses
13 sep

Special Moment with Dale

We went to a local craft festival Saturday that was really crowded. Dale was trying out a smaller scooter to see how it would work in the crowd. He was a bit overwhelmed with the number of people there and was constantly wanting to keep going so we could get out of there. We rounded a corner and he saw a woman at a booth selling wood carvings and wanted to go see them.

He rolled right into the middle of her area and got off the scooter to look around. He was asking her questions about some of the products. There were giant wood watchbands with a clock on them that Dale said a giant could wear. Then a really strange thing happened. He slid up to me and wispered for me to give him one of the HelpSaveDale business cards I carry in my hip sack. He took the card and handed it to the lady and said I have Duchenne, I can’t run very fast. I explained a little bit more about Duchenne. Dale just walked to my right and sat down on his scooter and just sat there looking at her and the wood works. It was the only time he’s ever done something like that and it was very strange that he wanted to sit right there with her and the woodworks. I was so impressed and surprised at how this had all transpired. You have to know Dale to know how unusual this is for him. It was great to see.

Cure Dale's Duchenne

Rick and Lelia Ginder

In April 2008 our lives were changed forever. Our youngest son Dale, who was six at the time, was diagnosed with Duchenne.