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Dale Stays Happy As The DMD Progresses
13 sep

Dale stays happy as the DMD progresses

He is a constant reminder of what it means to persevere. Dale stopped walking a couple years ago when he fell answering the door at Halloween. He broke a small bone in his foot and required a boot. Once he spent four weeks off his feet his walking days were over. It was sad to see that part of his life end. He had a way of dancing in the shower that we will truly miss.

In the two years since that time he has been losing his upper body strength. It’s gotten so bad now that he can’t lift his arms to put on a shirt. He can feed himself but it takes both hands to lift the food to his mouth.

On the positive side he’s doing great in school and has a couple really great friends. His best buddy is TJ. TJ is a special guy that has a bond with Dale that is hard to describe. They truly love each other as people. The school they are in has gone out of their way to keep them in as many classes together as possible.

Dale has a para professional at school who helps with whatever is needed. He tries to pretend she’s not there but he likes her. Dale has three special dogs that mean the world to him. They are all his companion in their own way. They sense his needs and play with him differently than they do other people.

Lelia set us up with season tickets to the Gators football games which has turned out to be awesome. The handicapped area is close to the box seats and is in an area where the crowds don’t exist and the views are unobstructed. Highly recommend using handicapped areas if you take your DMD boys to events.

Cure Dale's Duchenne

Rick and Lelia Ginder

In April 2008 our lives were changed forever. Our youngest son Dale, who was six at the time, was diagnosed with Duchenne.